'a sensible, wryly funny and practical guide to finding love'


'The real strength of FIND LOVE IN A GAY BATHHOUSE is the way it tackles sex: it's not porno but it is explicit; it doesn't preach and it isn't coy; it's not jokey although there are some funny bits in it … I think Marcel Wiel has got the tone just right, treating his readers as adults who do adults things, but all the while staying light and entertaining.' Graham McKerrow, former editor of Capital Gay and Positive Nation Magazine

'As I read FIND LOVE IN A GAY BATHHOUSE, I found myself constantly saying “yes, that's right” and “yes, that makes sense”. I really liked the way the book celebrates bathhouses and the gay men who go there.' Jim McSweeney, manager of Gay's The Word bookshop, London

'Marcel Wiel has written a sensible, wryly funny and practical guide to finding love in the place a gay man would least expect to find it. If the idea of a gay sauna freaks you out, or intrigues you, let Wiel guide you into the mist.' Tim Teeman, The Times

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